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Our Paper is a Victoria volunteer produced newspaper that BBCF supports. Back issue are posted on the web.

A well produced Vancouver magazine on politics, the arts etc…

Palestine Monitor
Gives up-to-date news from the centre of the struggle for liberation by the Palestinian people.
News that the corporate media never covers about Palestine.

A progressive Canadian news magazine with articles of interest by many writers.

Produces a quarterly publication: Press For Conversion with articles on peace-related issues

A lively journal on peace-related issues published in the UK.

Excellent reference for solidarity and grass-roots activism around the world

VIPIRG is a Victoria based group that BBCF works with on many issues. Much information including the joint BBCF-VIPIRG Presentation to the Public Hearing on Nanoose Bay Expropriation.

An extensive site about art and artists who use their creativity in the service of peace.

A Geneva-based umbrella group of many organizations that work for peace, including BBCF.

Founded by Rosalie Bertell in Toronto, Canada this group produces documents, videos etc on the effects of nuclear radiation on human health.

Joel Kovel, activist, academic and writer is one of the most original and radical thinkers in USA. A selection of his writing and list of his books in on his site.

A non-profit, public interest organization dedicated to education about environment, technology, and intellectual property rights.


The website of internationally acclaimed photographer, Farah Nosh.

Awakened Woman is an excellent magazine on issues of feminism, spirituality and other issues produced in California, USA.

The web site of a well known Calgary writer and activist.

The site of a local solidarity group, with news and articles about all of Latin America.

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